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Book boxes

Our book box will protect your products and give them a unique, elegant character. It will work perfectly for single titles, trilogies, and extended publishing series. Covered with a laminating finish and refined with spot UV varnish or metallic foil, it will become a natural choice for those looking for an exclusive gift, especially if you opt for a bold design that matches the covers of the titles inside. You can also use the box as part of a promotional campaign. Sending books to reviewers and influencers will increase your chances of attracting attention with photos and videos.

At Books Factory, we make the box from 350 g/m2 cardboard with a standard print type. This technique means high-quality colour or mono printing, characterized by high density, intense black, and very sharp edges of the sign observed under a microscope. You can cover the print with all available types of laminating finish and use a wide range of refinements-flat and 3D spot UV varnish and flat and 3D metallic foil in gold or silver.

What makes us unique?
Three clasps on the spine and strong glueing on the short side distinguish our box. It folds exceptionally easily, so it doesn't take up much space and can be conveniently stored. Finger cutouts, which guarantee trouble-free book insertion and removal, complete the user's comfort.

We could talk about the benefits, applied solutions, and technology for a long time. But why, when you can evaluate or touch it yourself? Exactly.

Sample Box
We designed the „Sample Box” with you in mind. To receive it, write to This product allows you to examine all the mentioned elements closely.

Key features:
  • maximum size: [mm]x[mm]x[mm],
  • minimum size: [mm]x[mm]x[mm],
  • material: 350 g/m2 cardboard,
  • type of print: standard,
  • possible refinements: gloss, matt and soft touch lamination finish, flat and 3D spot UV varnish, and flat and 3D metallic foil,
  • easy to fold and store.

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